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Mein Kampf

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16th September 2006

10:52am: In NewZealand
Just arrived in Auckland, NZ and my connecting flight to Christchurch (from where i gonna start my tour of NZ) is about 5 hours from now so finally i come back to my once favourite pass-time activity LJ-ing. Well no matter how un-busy i am when i am back from New Zealand i promise to write about this amazing country which has impressed me in the very first look at it.

22nd May 2006

9:27pm: Wedding Pics
Been kinda busy so couldnt upload the pics earlier "HERE" are a few :-)

1st May 2006

7:20pm: Just Married
Hey guys , as all of you know (atleast most) i did wed Divya ..... so my year long wait has almost come to an end .... i shall post the wedding pics later .... but i would like to thank all of you who could make it to this very special event in my life. As you could see i was way too busy to talk to you at the wedding .... my honest apologies for that. I am very thankful to all of you.

Those who missed out ... you need not worry i shall post the pics.
Current Mood: Just Married

9th March 2006

8:47pm: Heart Broken
People who know how much i cared and loved my car , white maruthi Zen (Ka 05 z 3789) which was my first car and was with me from Oct'98 will defnitly agree am heart broken today.A car which was 8 years old and not even painted once and taken all my 72000 kms bad driving is no more with me now.

The one good thing about this is i have sold the car to a fren of mine and will be seeing it always. The sale deal include i get the car back for my wedding day on which i will use the same. :-)

I shall give this post to my ZEN .... no matter which car i buy i future i shall never forget my first love and you were and still are the best. No i dont get attached to my belongings but you were really special to me.
Current Mood: creative

18th December 2005

9:00pm: The last post i made was way before my engagement :-(

Hehehe ... yeah am Engaged ... will upload a pic in the next post :-)
Current Mood: Almost Married

20th September 2005

4:11pm: Death sure at times is a blessing in disguise.

I came across this elderly person aged around 90+ and was in his last final days about 6-7 months ago, he was unable to move and everything had to be done on the bed , due to immobility there were wounds in his back and his eyes almost blinded. I heard he died today and i am extremely happy for the same. I donno if that person wanted to die or stay alive.

I'm in for mercy killing ... when a person in such a miserable state wants to die he should be allowed to go ahead. When every minute you live is like hell whats the fear in going to the hell ???

Lucky are those who die without going through all this.
Current Mood: moody

14th September 2005

11:10am: Clear 'n' Present Danger
Just a thought,

The past is beautiful and the future is bright , but the present is always boring.
Current Mood: gloomy

20th August 2005

7:43am: Budget Home Mela
I quit my job in IBM and got my freedom on 4th of July 2004 .... roamed aimlessly wasting away time for about a year but in the little time i could find in between managed to be part of few small scale apartment projects which is what my folks do. Now thats my full time work.

I once used to sit in AC rooms pretending to be programming but now its no more easy money for me , i get tanned everyday in the sun for hours. So HDFC noticed this hard work from our side and selected us in the list of 35 builders in the city for its 'Budget Homes Mela' being held @ Kanteerava Indoor Stadium over the weekend 10Am - 8Pm. We are at stall No. 16 . So do visit us if you are free over the weekend.

You the highly paid guys n gals ('the cream of India' as Dilip once said) when looking to buy an apartment can also consider your old fren :-)
Current Mood: stressed

15th August 2005

9:47pm: Magal Pandey - The Boring
I am glad i survived the 1857 mutany. A great story dragged to boredom.

I again think that the Indian film makers are keen upon the 180 min benchmark for a big budget movie. The story line suits only 90 min and it has been streched.

The movie fails to glorify Mr.Pandey, so what should have been done is he being hanged by the intermission time and the second half depicting the First War of Independence.
Current Mood: Jai Hind

27th July 2005

9:50pm: Success Secret Finally Formulated
Problems may come like "Haywards 2000" "Haywards 5000", but you must take it as a "Royal Challenge" otherwise people will call you an "Old Monk" and stick a "Black Label" on you. But if you must fight like a "Napolean" live like a "Bagpiper" walk like a "Jhonny walker" and work till "8 PM" think of "Something Special", then your life will be like "Imperial Blue". If you do the above things you will get a "Royal Salute" and there will be a great value for your "Signature".
Current Mood: drunk

20th July 2005

3:47pm: This is just to check if there are any creative people on LJ .... or creative minds dont come here.

Any innovative solutions for a leaking nose !!!!

PS : Winner will not go empty handed :-)
Current Mood: LEAK

15th July 2005

1:42pm: MMS == Miss Mallika Sherawat
So do we really care if thats Mallika or her look alike.

Well i dont.But if thts a look alike then shez much hotter and bolder i guess.

But i am surpised to see her being surpised on this issue. If she can think people will vote her to victory over Vajpayee (her statement during previous polls) she shouldnt be shocked over this. I rate her as the most stupidest woman in the film land.
Current Mood: bitchy

8th July 2005

10:16pm: Cars are back on my mind

BMW X5 was what i used to rate as the best SUV seeing it in the neighbourhood , but you got to watch out for all new 2006 Mercedez M Class.

I always used to feel Mercedez could come up with something better when ever i had a look at the previous M Class, finally they have come out with something which can totally outclass the X5.


But i'll settle for a "Skoda Yeti" when it finally hits the roads. Well let me take my CRV past the 10,000 mark first, its still done a lil over 2500 kms from Nov 04 :-(

Current Mood: excited

1st July 2005


zoombiee turns a year older today at midnight.

Happy Birthday Dude !!!!

Current Mood: Mood swings

15th June 2005

11:31pm: NIL-VANA
Current Mood: horny

12th June 2005

11:44pm: Asalaina Andrawaadu
<<<<<<<< Happy Birthday Jaidev >>>>>>> Schoolmate + PreUniversity mate + College mate ..... Class mate + Glass mate ..... but sadly not life mate.

My script for the hollyhood movie i gonna make isnt completely ready but for the Tollyhood its just headed towards completion ....... It will be named "Asalaina Andrawaadu".

Whts the story , well i gurantee a block burster ... all i can say now is 40% of it will be shot in the US ... "Comedy + Action + tons of love for Andra + lil love for a girl" , a complete family entertainer. Just can give the details coz i dont want some1 to flick the idea :-)
Current Mood: optimistic

9th June 2005

My comp now is linux free ..... more space for junk stuff :-)
Current Mood: bitchy

5th June 2005

10:35pm: Veera di Veeruda !!!
Chiru's new movie and i go there on friday just to find out tht tickets sold out for all shows till sunday .... how heart breaking so i buy tickets for monday night show and come home.

Then early sunday morning my cousin comes from AP, hez shocked to hear me say tht i havent yet watched the movie .... so i go watch the movie in gold class today itself .... however my tickets for tomorrow wont go waste ... will see again :-)

Nice 'MASS' movie , story .... well u got to go watch it urself :-)
Current Mood: jubilant

28th May 2005

1:40pm: The Newton Code
No aint comming up with a best seller .... so u r all safe. I asked this cousin of mine aged 5 a simple question to which i expected him to give a wrong answer but he turned out too smart.
Q : Why do apples fall down from the tree ?
A : Coz if it went up we couldnt eat them.
Gravity, if tht was his answer then there would been something wrong with him .... he has given me the perfect answer for his age.
Current Mood: embarrassed

19th May 2005

11:26pm: Out of town till further notice :-)

9th May 2005

9:49pm: Atlast am clean bowled :-)

The last i want to happen now is , it to be a no-ball :-0
Touch wood !!!!
Current Mood: listless

2nd May 2005

10:53pm: I know spilt personality is an involuntary behaviour of a person ..... but i want to force it upon myself.
Yeah i desire to have a spilt personality .... seein too many movies of this sort .... just wondering wht my alter-self must be !!!!

Suggestions are most welcome :-)
Current Mood: silly

30th April 2005

12:31am: Some nice movies to wind up April
1. Usual Suspects
2. Fight Club
3. Man bites Dog

Some amazing movies to start May
1. Kaal
2. Kaal
3. Kaal
Current Mood: numb

27th April 2005

6:47pm: Adios Mumbai
An update from the airport :-)

Am always late but surprisingly am 2 hours early for my flight back home .... always in a hurry to reach back home .... thts the reason i have never stayed back late in office .... will tht make my wife to be lucky or unlucky not really sure :-)

Nothing much of Mumbai i could catch up ....
1> Suniel Shetty & Shamitha Shetty shooting at the hotel i stayed 'Intercontinental Grand hotel', couldnt manage an autograph. Shamitha looks cool.Yeah managed a pic ... btw the name of the movie is CHOCOLATE
2> DJ at 'Sutra' was the hottest babe i came across.
3> The most handsome man was .... ummmmmmmmmm :-) me i did look into the mirror :-)
4> Traffic sucks ... hotel cab was given on hourly basis so thts a sad story.
5> Wht am getting back for u people , been to a cigar club and have picked up a few .... the best ones tht were available there ... each costs 700/- :-(

PS : Mumbai is good but Bangalore is better :-)
Current Mood: Home sick

24th April 2005

11:23pm: Sunday !!!!
Lots of things (good, bad , ugly) to tell so let me put it in the cronological order.

1> I was always a beliver in love at first sight, but now i have learnt the next line of this. Love at first sight is fine as long as you leave at the first sight. Thts been my experience with golf .... was a good enough day .... i expected too much out of myself.

2> Had no plans for the TEMPTATIONS show , but when i was offered a pass worth 10K for free just couldnt say "no". Never been a big fan of SRK but now i am ... also a fan of his humour. He called upon a few people on stage but can assure you calling up of the man 'Mohammad Asif' on stage was fixed. We sat in the third row from the stage. Tht guy say just behind us with a big family and they were all talking abt, "when u go on stage talk properly" stuff half an hour later he was called upon. Lucky fella he made home a Tag for making a fool of himself on the stage. Every1 knows of two people who went home with TAG (another lady) but there is a third one .... our very own Kaat. :-)

3> This is a sad part, while coming back a guy was lying on road with the back of his head completly split open and no stopers by finally we managed to get help from the hospital and we left. He was breathing but i dont think he will make it ... but tht unknown guy, his bike number "2050" will be in ma prayers tomorrow.

Too sleepy .... too tired.
Current Mood: blank
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